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When the need arises to protect you, your family, and your personal property and want to decrease the chances of inflicting mortal harm on the intruder; the Integrity Ballistics Home Security Round is for you. The unique polymer projectile is a pliable ball with an effective range of 2-15 yards (6-45 feet). The 21 gram polymer hits with 115 ft-lbf and pancakes on impact therefore having less potential for penetration, maintaining it’s 270 mph velocity and making it very accurate on target. The pancake effect also decreases the potential for collateral damage to your property and loved ones.

The intent of this round is to deter the intruder by causing extreme pain and surface injury. Users should be aware that serious injury or death, or penetration of the body can happen at close range.

**Target areas are lower body, abdomen, buttocks, large muscle groups, and soft tissue areas. Rounds that impact the head, neck, spine or upper chest can cause serious damage or death. Consistent training and adherence to range distances is recommended.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10.4648 × 6.604 × 2.286 cm


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