Boise, ID

The vision of Founder Joe Kolnik and his family plus nine years of privately funded part-time R & D led to the creation of our first product, the Burns 1401® Round. This round along with our additional line of products were specifically designed by Joe to withstand the high shearing forces after exiting a shotgun barrel thus providing the user with a safer and better less lethal tactical advantage during any situation requiring less lethal force.


Integrity Ballistics® mission is to design innovative, technologically advanced products, with focus on superior quality and safety for the less lethal weapons industry.

Integrity Ballistics® was founded in Buffalo, Wyoming in 2001 and relocated from Wyoming to Boise, Idaho in 2010. Boise was chosen by the company’s partners for its entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, strong business infrastructure, and high quality of life offered in this unique area of the Western United States.