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Integrity Ballistics® and i8 Investigations Announce Successful Deployment of Burns 1401® “Pancake®” round during Fugitive Recovery Effort

Gabe Dennington of i8 Investigations, Fires One Shot, Captures Dangerous Fugitive

(September, 2014) Boise, ID – Gregory Ahlers, a fugitive wanted for 6 felony charges in 3 Minnesota counties; was successfully captured by Gabe Dennington and his team from i8 Investigations in Corona, CA over the Labor Day weekend.

Once the team entered into the residential garage Ahler immediately reached for a weapon that resembled a stick with a sharp metal claw. Gabe fired one Burns 1401® round into the fugitive’s belly from a distance of 10 feet to stop any further movement. Compliance was immediately achieved.

Shortly after his capture, i8 Investigations interviewed Ahlers. Ahlers, a 6’ 250lb fugitive ranked the Burns 1401® as a 10 compared to the multiple times in the past that he’d been tased or shot with a bean bag round. He absolutely believed he was shot and would not care to have another Burns 1401® hit him again. The photo below shows the impact area of the Burns 1401® “Pancake®” 20 hours after capture.

Photo credit: Gabe Dennington of i8 Investigations

Gabe Dennington describes the Burns 1401® as a “True One-Hitter, Quitter” round, and his company plans to use the “Pancake” round when tracking other fugitives. As the team at i8 Investigations or fugitive Gregory Ahlers can attest, the IB Burns 1401® “Pancake®” round delivers immediate and effective compliance for any situation.

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