#September11: Stand And Never Yield

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It was a clear vivid blue September day. Americans were at work, at school, traveling, and some on the west coast just waking up. A normal Tuesday for all. And then, in an instant everything changed. At 8:46 AM the first plane, American Airlines Flight #11 slammed into the World Trade Center.

America and the world watched in shock, disbelief, and tears as terrorists slammed two planes into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and the fourth into a Pennsylvania field. Yet from the horrors of that day came stories of resilience, resolve, courage, and American exceptionalism.

Let’s Roll

40 courageous Americans, terrified yet resolute, charged the cockpit of Flight 93 so that the terrorists wouldn’t be able to fly that plane into another building. They sacrificed their lives so that countless others may live.

Stand And Never Yield

Rick Rescorla, a native of Cypress … Read More »

#MemorialDay: Honor And Remember Marine Lance Corporal Kyle W. Burns

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In 2002, just after graduating from high school in Laramie, WY, a young man named Kyle W. Burns joined the Marine Corps. Understandably, given the events of 9/11 and all that had transpired in the months since then, his mother Jocelyn tried to talk him out of it. However, he prevailed and reported for basic training at San Diego’s Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

The Marine Corps was a good fit for a young man who was a thrill seeker, adventurer, and practical joker. His cousin Trish remembers those adventures quite well:

We, along with our other cousins would spend summers with our grandparents in Buffalo, WY. We had the time of our lives. Every summer consisted of fireworks and shooting guns. We’d kill anything that crossed our paths whether it was rocks, plants, trees, or animals. Grandma would give us $100 to buy whatever fireworks we wanted. Let … Read More »

Founder Joe Kolnik Tells Integrity Ballistics Story

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I can trace the company’s beginnings to a solemn family gathering on that first Thanksgiving after 9/11. Several of my closest family members and I started talking about the need to prevent terrorists from ever taking a plane and causing such destruction again. As our conversation evolved, we realized that air marshals need better tools to prevent future similar airline attacks. Thus, the idea of a soft polymer less lethal projectile, one that could be fired inside a plane without damaging critical components or harming innocent passengers, was born.

My engineering background with an emphasis in polymers combined with my R & D career with the largest non-lethal company in the world provided me with the knowledge and contacts necessary to design, craft and build a proof of concept prototype for 12-gauge shotguns. It took several months to get the necessary components together. … Read More »