Founder Joe Kolnik Tells Integrity Ballistics Story

Posted on May 24th, by Nina Bookout in IB Less Lethal Blog. No Comments

I can trace the company’s beginnings to a solemn family gathering on that first Thanksgiving after 9/11. Several of my closest family members and I started talking about the need to prevent terrorists from ever taking a plane and causing such destruction again. As our conversation evolved, we realized that air marshals need better tools to prevent future similar airline attacks. Thus, the idea of a soft polymer less lethal projectile, one that could be fired inside a plane without damaging critical components or harming innocent passengers, was born.

My engineering background with an emphasis in polymers combined with my R & D career with the largest non-lethal company in the world provided me with the knowledge and contacts necessary to design, craft and build a proof of concept prototype for 12-gauge shotguns. It took several months to get the necessary components together. … Read More »