On February 25, 2015 the Colorado Department of Corrections, a valued partner and client of Integrity Ballistics, issued the following statement concerning their adoption and use of IB’s Burns 1401 Less Lethal “Pancake” round.

The Colorado Department of Corrections began utilizing the IB Burns 1401 “Pancake” round in April 2014 as a more effective less lethal option for controlling and obtaining compliance from assaultive and disruptive offenders. Recently one of our facilities had the need to deploy the IB Burns 1401 “Pancake” rounds to stop a fight between two offenders after repeated warnings from staff were ignored. One IB Burns 1401 “Pancake” Round was fired into the left buttocks of one of the offenders and the fight immediately stopped, thus bringing an end to a very violent situation where the safety of the offenders and of our responding staff were in jeopardy.

Adrienne L. Jacobson | Public Information Officer
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