Your Tactical Advantage

The goal during a dangerous situation is to stop the threat and ensure the safety of the public and themselves. In many cases, those situations can be resolved utilizing less lethal rather than lethal force. That’s why law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, bounty hunters, Wildlife officers, and homeowners have both lethal and less-lethal products as part of their armory.

When situations dictate the need for less-lethal response, the Integrity Ballistics line of products can provide the user with a safer tactical advantage. The New Frontier of ‘smart’ technology with its proprietary polymer is designed to do what sock rounds and plastic pellets can’t: it spreads the force of impact across a wider part of the body. In other words, the round “Pancakes” on impact. This unique style of impact reduces the chance of body entry and the risk of serious injury, when used within the proper operating range of 6-75 feet.

The IB Rounds act like a pliable rubber ball, but they are not rubber. Founder and chemical Engineer Joe Kolnik spent nine years creating a substance flexible enough to “pancake®” flat at the point of impact yet be strong enough to withstand the sheering forces ballistics face when exiting a shotgun at approximately 400 feet per second.

Each round offers the following unique characteristics to the user:

  • Polymer “bullet” material
  • Pancakes upon impact
  • Lessens chance of skin penetration
  • Force on impact will stop suspects or deter predators from moving forward


You must be 21 years or older to order ammunition. Ammo must ship UPS ground. Please check local laws before ordering.

**Target areas are lower body, abdomen, buttocks, large muscle groups, and soft tissue areas. Rounds that impact the head, neck, spine or upper chest can cause serious damage or death. Consistent training and adherence to range distances is recommended.