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The Safer Ammo Company®

Proven in the Real World.

When you need stopping power, look no further than the Integrity Ballistics® line of less lethal rounds. Trusted by professionals nationwide.

Laramie. Long Range Stopping Power.

The latest round for law enforcement and corrections, providing less lethal force at a range up to 140 feet.

The Burns 1401

A short-range round that offers unparalleled stopping power for law enforcement or corrections officers. Find out why professionals all over the country trust Integrity Ballistics®.

About Us

The unique skills and interests of Joe Kolnik and other members of his family, the events of 9/11, and the evolving tactical needs of law enforcement, led to their desire to design and build a product that will upgrade law enforcement’s tactical effectiveness while minimizing risk to the public.

Joe’s vision and work led to the creation of the Burns 1401® Round. The design of this round provides the flexibility to impact the suspect without causing significant harm, withstand the high shearing forces after exiting a shotgun barrel, and provide a greater less lethal tactical advantage for all.


The Burns 1401® round, is a synthetic bullet projectile for 12-gauge shotguns. This product, a result of those early discussions and innovation by Joe and his family, is specifically designed for use by law enforcement when less lethal is needed or required.

The success of the Burns 1401® led to additional innovations and Integrity Ballistics now offers a suite of Less Lethal impact ammunition across a wide variety of markets. Those markets include law enforcement, corrections facilities, zoos, fish and game agencies, as well as individuals.

Integrity Ballistics commitment to quality workmanship, superior technology, and optimal safety ensures that Integrity Ballistics – The Safer Ammo Company – brings you the Less-Lethal impact munitions that will meet and exceed your less lethal needs.

Less Lethal Stopping Power

Burns 1401

On impact the Burns 1401® will flatten, or pancake, across a subject’s body rather than keeping its shape as other rounds on the market do. Furthermore, the proprietary technology of the Burns 1401® with its ability to “pancake” decreases the chance of serious harm to the subject, yet delivers an impact that leads to immediate compliance thus effectively defusing a potentially volatile situation.

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The Laramie is the newest in less lethal technology. Designed for law enforcement and military use, the Laramie pancakes on impact. The Laramie, with a range of 15-135 feet, provides that needed stopping power without causing lasting damage. Laramie is truly the cutting edge.

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Large Animal

A Less-Lethal Impact projectile crafted for use by Fish & Game, Wildlife and Forest Service agencies, and Zoos. This round is utilized as a herding mechanism for animals such as moose, bear, buffalo, and even lions. This round is designed for mid-range use at distances of 5 to 45 yards.

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Real World Results.


“The Colorado Department of Corrections began utilizing the IB Burns 1401 ‘Pancake’ round in April 2014 as a more effective less lethal option…One IB Burns 1401 ‘Pancake’ Round was fired into the left buttocks of one of the offenders and the fight immediately stopped…”

- Adrienne L. Jacobson

Public Information Officer, Colorado Department of Corrections

Idaho Innovations Winner

See the Effects of an IB Round.

View an interview with Gregory Ahlers, a fugitive who was taken into custody as a direct result of an Integrity Ballistics® round.

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