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Home Security

When the need arises to protect you, your family, and your personal property and you want to decrease the chances of inflicting mortal harm on the intruder; the Integrity Ballistics Home Security Round is for you! This less lethal 12 gauge shotgun round with its unique polymer projectile has an effective range of 6-45 feet. The polymer maintains a consistent velocity ensuring target accuracy. The round hits with 115 foot-pounds, and pancakes on impact.

**The intent of this round is to deter the intruder by causing extreme pain and surface injury. Users should be aware that serious injury or death, or penetration of the body can happen at close range.

The image to the left shows that bruising and a “rug burn” can happen when deploying our Less Lethal rounds. This shows that our Home Security round will be just as effective in ensuring immediate compliance through pain without inflicting more serious bodily harm. .

Designed for use with all 12-gauge pump style shotguns.

The Home Security Round ensures Less-Lethal will no longer be “Less than Effective.”

View the technical specs for the Home Security round