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Meet THE Best Less Lethal Rounds on the Market.

Whether your threat has two legs or four, Integrity Ballistics has the round you need.

The Integrity Ballistics Line

Burns 1401

On impact the Burns 1401® will flatten, or pancake, across a subject’s body rather than keeping its shape as other rounds on the market do. Furthermore, the proprietary technology of the Burns 1401® with its ability to “pancake®” decreases the chance of serious harm to the subject, yet delivers an impact that leads to immediate compliance thus effectively defusing a potentially volatile situation.

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The Laramie is the newest in less lethal technology. Designed for law enforcement and military use, the Laramie pancakes on impact. The Laramie, with a range of 15-135 feet, provides that needed stopping power without causing lasting damage. Laramie is truly the cutting edge..

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Home Security

When the need arises to protect you, your family, and your personal property and you want to decrease the chances of inflicting mortal harm on the intruder; the Integrity Ballistics Home Security Round is for you! This less lethal 12 gauge shotgun round with its unique polymer projectile has an effective range of 6-45 feet.

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Large Animal

A Less-Lethal Impact projectile crafted for use by Fish & Game, Wildlife and Forest Service agencies, and Zoos. This round is utilized as a herding mechanism for animals such as moose, bear, buffalo, and even lions. This round is designed for mid-range use at distances of 5 to 45 yards.

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A Less-Lethal Impact projectile, designed for close to mid-range use at distances of 5-30 yards. Designed for use by Fish & Game, Wildlife, Forest Service, and Animal Control agencies for relocation and movement encouragement of animals such as coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, mountain lion deer, and antelope.

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A Less-Lethal Impact projectile, designed for close to mid-range use at distances of 3-20 yards with multiple prison scenarios such as cell extraction, prisoner transport, culinary environment, and more. This round is intended for direct fire on target and will deliver immediate compliance due to its unique ability to pancake on impact.

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From Our Clients

“These are much more accurate and much more effective than every other round we’ve seen in the past.”
-Lt. Todd Bailey, Corvallis Police Dept.

Corvallis, OR

Gregory Ahlers, a fugitive wanted for 6 felony charges in 3 Minnesota counties, was successfully captured by Gabe Dennington and his team from i8 Investigations in Corona, CA…Gabe fired one Burns 1401® round into the fugitive’s belly from a distance of 10 feet to stop any further movement. Compliance was immediately achieved.

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Less lethal doesn’t have to mean less effective. Let us show you how Integrity Ballistics can help you achieve instant compliance without mortal damage.