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Box of 25 rounds.
Local/State/Federal Agency sales only. Please contact our Sales Rep for pricing.




A Less-Lethal Impact projectile, designed for close to mid-range use at distances of 3-20 yards with multiple prison scenarios such as cell extraction, prisoner transport, culinary environment, and more. This round is intended for direct fire on target and will deliver immediate compliance due to its unique ability to pancake on impact.

Features include:

  • Proprietary Polymer “bullet” material designed to “Pancake” on impact
  • Appropriate force to stop a threat with less chance of skin penetration
  • Reduces the risk of soft tissue damage
  • Designed for all 12-gauge shotgun models
  • Visible blue shell for easy recognition
  • Raises the safety bar

The Corrections Round ensures Less-Lethal will no longer be “Less than Effective” in a correctional scenario.

Before ordering, please note the Ammunition Purchasing Guidelines.

Cannot be shipped outside of the United States; cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.


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